Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Picture Updates

The other day I spent quite awhile uploading all my pictures from the last month from my camera.  I kept putting off the inevitable - usually finding something else to do as I knew this would be quite a process.  So after uploading and an hour back up in Photoshop they were on my computer.  I've now finally finished editing and I'm ready to share with everyone what we've been up to the past month.

Roelof had a week off of school the beginning of March so we took this opportunity to head up to Frankenmuth and more specifically, Zhender's Splash Village.  We had a blast!!  Leah absolutely LOVED the water and threw a fit every time we took her out.

 Every 15 minutes or so this big bucket would fill with water and the tip over and dump it all!!  The kids would always race to be under the big wave.  Leah was kind of scared of it :-)
The Splash Village also had its own lazy river - it was so nice except throughout the river there would be buckets of water dumping or streams of water splashing. 

This picture above is the hot tub - it was so nice!!

The park also had two waterslides.  They were pretty intense! I felt like a kid again going up and down the stairs and flying down the slides - they were so much fun!

They also had a small kids section - Leah spent most of her time here.  There was a little teeter-totter and a some fountains of water.  It was perfect for her and she had a blast.

The town of Frankenmuth was very nice - it was like stepping into another country.  There wasn't much for us to do there other than look at some shops and stuff.  Frankenmuth is more a summer town; there are a lot of festivals and activities to do there in the summer and we hope to go back there again sometime to do some other things.

We stayed in Frankenmuth over the weekend of Canada's Gold Medal Hockey Game and we definitely did not miss out...

When we were cheering Leah would say "Go Go Go" She had a great time!!

We all had a great time and I'd definitely recommend going to check out Frankenmuth to anyone!!


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