Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time at the Zoo

As the parents of an almost 2 year old, we are always looking for some fun activities for Leah to do to get her out of the house.  Leah is a very active girl and sometimes I think she feels cooped up inside our small apartment.  One of the places we often frequent is our local Zoo.  It's just small enough that we can get through it all in about 2-3 hours, but its just big enough that we can see a wide variety of animals.  This year we decided to purchase a year membership and plan to make good use of it.  The Zoo is Leah's favourite place to go - she loves animals and loves creation.  Here are a few pictures of our latest trip.

I caught this bird in the midst of the red tree branches.

Leah climbing on one of the stone benches - she's very good at climbing!


This otter so nicely posed for my camera.

My newest favourite picture of Leah

Leah loves her daddy!!

Checking out something...

and finally a small owl. 

Leah is fearless...I wouldn't go anywhere near this snake and Leah was petting it!! Brave child!

It was such a beautiful day when we went and I've been practicing with sun flares and sunlight pictures so here's a few shots.

There are many more animals - but I didn't take pictures of them all.  A lot of the animals were still inside because its still too cold outside but in a couple of months they'll all be out again and then I'll post some more pictures.


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