Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Want vs. Need

For a long time now, I've coveted the Kitchen Aid Mixers.  Every time I watch the chef's use them on the Food Network I always think that I need to have one of them!!  But the voice of reason in my head always says, "No you don't have the money to spend on one and your hand mixer still works fine."   Sometimes this voice gets really annoying :-)

In the last week though, I've been doing some serious baking, trying to get rid of the 20 lbs of strawberries I picked, and my hand mixer only has a few mixes left in it.  There's something loose inside of it and it won't properly mix anymore - it jams as I'm mixing the thick batters of cakes.  I've been giving it a some words of encouragement and so far it has been able to finish each mix.  This small hand held Betty Crocker mixer, that I think we got as a wedding gift, has lived a good life - almost 6 years! 

So now that want of a Kitchen Aid Mixer really may become a need and I couldn't be more happier!!  I will be watching sales closely so if you know of any good sales be sure to let me know - or you however, could just buy me one!!


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