Thursday, October 7, 2010

Way back When...

I thought that before the snow flies I really need to blog about our vacation this summer.  It's been almost two months since we were on vacation and although it seems so long ago we continue to remember the great time we all had.  After a busy summer of CPE, Facing Your Future and juggling childcare we headed up to Kearney, Ontario where had rented a cottage.  We spent a week there and it was great!  On one of the days we spent some time with our family.  Another day my brother and his wife came up and a couple of days Roelof's brother came up.  On the 10th we celebrated my birthday and went to a local Pioneer Village.

A lot of time was spent fishing, swimming, making mudpies, suntanning and of course taking some great naps!  Here are some pictures capturing our week away.

This is the view from our beach - we had a row boat, a canoe and a kayak that we used regularly to explore the lake.

One morning I woke up to find the lake covered in fog - here's two different edits on the same photo.

The clouds were so fluffy and so big this day!

 Daddy and Leah spent a lot  of time doing this!!

At first Leah wasn't to keen on the fish - Roelof would hook them and she'd help him reel them in.  But I think after the first couple of fish she loved it!

Aunt Evelyn came for a day and played with Leah - they had a blast!!

Here's a few pictures from our visit to the Pioneer Village.

The best part for Leah was the ice cream at the General Store.

Checking out some of the farm animals - chickens!

All in all a great time was had by all of us Peereboom's!!


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