Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 2 - Growing with Love Kids Edition

For our second challenge we had to journal about our name choices that we have given our children.  I chose to include both Leah's name and also our future baby - we are in the process of sorting out names and we again want to pick a Biblical name as we feel its really important to us.  After I hear the name I always read the meaning - the meaning is usually what makes me like the name so much.  The one baby book that we have lists the meaning as "weary" which I think it makes sense now because she definitely makes us weary at the end of the day!  The other book that we have has a very beautiful meaning and I like it much better and it even has a Bible verse to go along with it - Contentment - "I have set the Lord...before me:...he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved."  Psalm 16:8.
Shiloh was a pick that Roelof suggested and it took a while to grow on me until I realized that it worked perfectly together.  Shiloh means "God's Gift" and it perfectly fitted her.  She is and will always be God's gift to us.  We are so thankful for her in our lives.  Had Leah been a boy we had the name Judah Landon picked out - if we have a boy this time around I think we'll be using a totally different name and we already have a few in mind but you won't find out until the baby is born!

The journaling reads -
picking names has always been hard for us as parents to do.  picking a name is so important and it will forever be the identity of our children.  A lot of thought and prayer went into our name choices for our children.  For our first born we chose the name Leah Shiloh  - we wanted biblical names and came to this combination.  Leah was a name we both agreed on and Shiloh was Roelof’s pick it took a bit to warm on me and now I love it.  We are still deciding on a name for our next baby who is still growing again we want a biblical name.  we have a few choices and we’ll see if this baby is a girl or boy.


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