Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grow with Love - More Layouts

I have really been enjoying the prompts that the Grow with Love: Kids Edition is providing me.  It gets me thinking about many different things about Leah.  Here are a few more of my layouts.

This Day challenged us to think of the different traits or personalities that our children have in them that are similar to ours.  It was really interesting to reflect on this.

Today we were challenged to think of our child's favourites right now.  Here are a few of Leah's current favourites.

This day's challenged had me thinking for a couple of days.  We were to think of something that we don't like in ourselves that we hope not to see in our children. 

Today we had to capture things that our children were interested in in their lives.  Leah loves crafts, painting and colouring so I had to capture that!


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