Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Fork in the Road....

This past Friday I found out that I have Gestational Diabetes.  I was pretty upset about it as its just another thing now that we have to deal with.  Back track to December...after indulging in all the wonderful traditions in Christmas baking and cooking at my early January check up I gained 8 lbs.  8lbs in 4 weeks doesn't sound like a lot but it is a lot when you have 3 more months to go.  My midwife had asked me if I had gestational diabetes and I quickly said, "Oh no not at all, at least I don't think I do."  She warned me if I kept going the way I was this little baby would no longer be a little baby but quite a large baby.  

At that appointment I was given the great tasting Orange Glucose drink and the instruction that I need to take my 1 hour glucose test.  Now this drink is nasty and the worst part is you have to fast for 12 hours and then drink this nasty drink.  I did my test and a couple of days later I heard the word from the nurse that I failed the 1 hour and now had to do a 3 hour test.  Great, just what I wanted. 

A few days later I repeated the test and after another nasty orange drink and 4 needles, 2 in each arm, I thought that this would be it.  On Friday afternoon my midwife called and hearing her voice I knew right away what she was going to say, "My dear, you have Gestational Diabetes."  I was shocked as I really didn't have a lot of the warning signs of diabetes, its not in my family, and I didn't have it with my first pregnancy. 

After getting over a period of crying and accepting that I had gestational diabetes, I was online researching what needs to be done.  I will have to adjust eating habits, no sugars, limited carbs, smaller meals and I really need to exercise.  I know I can do this and have the support of my family as well.  It's still not something that I wanted to hear or even deal with.  But for the health of myself and this new baby I must adjust.  It's only going to be for another 11 weeks or so and I know I can do it!


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