Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grow with Love

I'm a bit behind for the Grow with Love Kids Edition layouts but I have managed to finish Day 9 and Day 10 the last couple of days and here they are...

This prompt challenged us to think of how we want our children to grow up; what our our hopes and dreams for them and this is the journaling I wrote...

Dear Leah,
It is our hope and our prayer that you grow into a humble child of the Lord.  One who loves others as much as you may love yourself, one who blesses others and is blessed by others, and one who lets the light of Christ flow from your being.  We pray you grow strong values and a spirited personality.  We hope that you will follow your dreams and let nothing hinder you or stop you from what you truly want to do.  We hope you will encourage others and stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves.  We pray you continue to bring smiles to all those you are around.  You are a ball of energy and your presence lights up a room, we hope you continue to inspire others.  Most of all we pray that the guidance and love that we show you will shape you into an amazing young woman of God.
Love always, Daddy & Mommy.

For this prompt we had to do a question & answer session with our kids asking them random things and then scrap it.  I chose to do the LO a bit differently and just scrapped the things Leah is saying at her point in her life right now.

Here's the journaling..
Leah you are now just over two and a half and you have changed so much from when you we first met you for the first time.  You are learning to talk, to put words together to form cute sentences.  It is a continual surprise to me at what you say.  You refer to icicles as IceCones.  I found you on the couch laying down with your bear and blanket and asked you what you were doing and you informed me that I need break mommy.  You refer to yourself as Leah Hiloh.  At Christmas time you told us you wanted an Orange kitty.  When we tell you that we love you, you say back to us that you miss us.  This is your way of telling us you love us.  When you have to go potty you say I go Pee, really loud for everyone to hear and then say hurry, hurry to us.  You love playing with others and often I will hear you say follow me, follow me, hoping everyone will follow you around.  You are learning to sing songs and it always make our hearts soar when you sing about how Jesus Love Me or Away in the Manger.  It’s amazing to watch your mind work in your words and your actions!

That's it for now - off to start some new ones!


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