Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Time Fun

We are very fortunate to have a good sized hill in our "backyard".  This hill is well used by all the kids in the buildings during wintertime.  Leah went a couple of times last year but being a bit too small I don't think she really enjoyed it too much.  This year however, she loves going, "wedding" her word for sledding.  After school daddy takes her out for an hour or so and they have a blast going up and down the hill.  Leah now insists on going by herself not needing any help from others.  Here are a few pictures - enjoy!

Climbing up the hill - Leah does it all by herself!

Getting ready!

Down she goes...

and again...

one more time!

waiting at the top for the sled.

Leah decided to walk down the really big hill - only to be knocked down by another sledder!

The best thing about having a hill and a husband willing to take her out every day is I can enjoy some quiet time and then she sleeps so well at night!


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