Saturday, February 12, 2011


About two weeks back we decided to start prepping Leah for the "big girl talk".  The talk that is, "Now that you are a big girl you no longer need a soother."  The soosie is Leah's last cling to her babyhood.  Now that there is another little one on the way we figured its time to toss the soosie.  We prepped her for a couple of days saying that on Monday there would be no more soosie and that Leah would be a big girl.  She mostly only uses it for bed so we weren't too worried about it being a huge issue.  (Here's a pic of Leah and her soosie when she was one).

Two weeks later and after a few battles at bedtime I'm proud to say that Leah is soosie free.  She no longer asks for it and she's falling asleep much better at night now!  Yeah for milestones, even if they are small ones!


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