Saturday, April 2, 2011

"The" List

After 3 months of my gestational diabetes diet I have a growing list of foods I plan on eating after I have this baby - since  GD generally disappears after the baby is born.  Here's the ever growing list and they are in no particular order since they are all of great importance.

1.  TimBits - Much to my excitement there has been a recent growth spurt in the Grand Rapids area and a small town 20 minutes south of us put up a Tim Horton's.  This is huge news for a Canadian who doesn't have the luxury of a Tim Horton's at every turn.

2.  Candy - any kind will do.

3.  BBQ Chicken Pizza - I had this once during my GD diet and it put me over my sugar limit - I guess BBQ sauce is full of sugars and the crust is full of carbs as well.

4.  Fruit Juice - I am tired of water and milk.  For the past 3 months I've had the same thing for breakfast every morning.  One piece of whole wheat toast and milk or water.  I'm not allowed to have any fruit juice until after lunch.  And even if I choose to have fruit juice most of it is so loaded in sugars it would count as one carb count and I'm not willing to give up food for juice.  So I'm really looking forward to having apple juice or orange juice for breakfast once again.

5.  Anything that has cake in it or comes from the baked goods family.  I have been very careful to limit my intake of these in the last few months.  Mostly I've avoided them altogether but the times that I do partake of small portions I feel guilty.  Aldi has a specific cheesecake sampler pack that I keep salivating over every time I'm at Aldi.

6.  Chocolate - enough said - just chocolate.

7.  Chinese Food/Thai Food - this food is heavy in carbs and I have stayed away from it completely.  I miss the occasional egg roll covered in plum sauce and chicken balls covered in the red cherry sauce so delish but so sugary!

8.  Ice Cream - when I'm not pregnant I'm lactose intolerant.  Up until the GD diagnosis I had been enjoying a bowl or two of ice cream.  They do make sugar free ice cream which I was very thankful for.  I will however have a bowl of ice cream after the baby is born even if I have to pay for it later.

9.  Slushies/Smoothies/Shakes/Cocktail Drinks - this was one of my favourites but had to stop because these drinks are so heavy in sugars.

10.  Chicken Wings in Honey BBQ sauce specifically Applebees Boneless Wings - so yummy but so dangerous!

All in all I'm very excited to have the option of eating all these things again.  I don't plan on eating all these things all the time.  The GD diet in general has been fairly decent and it works.  I have not gained more than 5 pounds over the last 3 months.  Making my total pregnancy weight gain only 20 - 25 pounds.  For this I am thankful.  This was not the story with Leah - I was huge and swollen everywhere.  Check out these comparison pictures below.  One on the left was with Leah I'm thinking it was very near the end.  And the other is me currently at 38 weeks. 


Simply Jacki said...

Kristin, you are making me hungry! I'm sorry you can't eat those yummy foods right now, but it will be that much better when you have your precious baby AND you can eat those foods! :) Hope you are doing well, I love looking at your pictures!


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