Monday, May 23, 2011

The Magic Week Six!!

We made it six weeks!! Here are some updates.

Week Six
Day 36 – May 13, 2011 – The weather has gotten very nice today we went outside for a couple of hours in the infant carrier pack on mommy you slept for the whole time!
Day 37 – May 14, 2011 – Today we went out and got you Gripe Water because you continue to have tummy troubles.
Day 38 – May 15, 2011 – Another morning at church you come to church with mommy & daddy and normally mommy feeds you during the service.
Day 39 – May 16, 2011 – Today you had a cranky day – I guess we all have cranky days!
Day 40 – May 17, 2011 – Today was a good day you are getting better at drinking your bottles in one shot rather than a couple ounces here and there
Day 41 – May 18, 2011 – Your sleeping at night continues to be consistent which we are very thankful!!
Day 42 – May 19, 2011 – We switched you back to your Gentlease Formula and along with the Gripe Water you seem to be doing fine!


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