Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome Changes

In just over a week we will be making a great trip back to our Homeland.  We are SOOOO very excited to be back in Ontario.  This day couldn't have come soon enough.  Now all that lies between us getting there are a lot of empty boxes and a growing list of to do's.  We will be spending our summer in a house while serving the congregation of Alliston CRC.  We are excited for the changes and are looking forward to the practical side of ministry. 

Calvin Seminary has been extremely tough these last couple of years.  The course work demands for a three year program have stretched both Roelof and this family.  A lot has been sacrificed and we feel that it has been hard to grow spiritually.  There have been some very trying and exhausting situations that make us even more eager to close this chapter in our lives.  I am thankful though for the community of friends that we have built they have been so supportive and so understanding. 

And so if I don't have a chance to get on before our next post will be in Ontario with details (and pictures) of our  new digs!! We can't wait!!!


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