Thursday, June 9, 2011


We have entered another season this year, the season of mosquitoes.  These pesky bugs are very attracted to Leah and she has the proof all over her body.  The other night we had a dramatic occurrence in our house all because of one little mosquito.  Here's how the situation went down.

Roelof and I are sitting in the living room enjoying our quiet time as Leah is in bed for the night.  Enter Leah after she has slammed her bedroom door she comes running into the living room while screaming and crying.

L:  "A bumble bee, a bumble bee, in my ear.  I want to sleep in my old room.  (she is repeating this over and over while still screaming and crying.)

Roelof and I look at each other trying to make sense of what she was all saying.  I got to Leah to comfort her only to see massive mosquito bits on her face.  I now knew what she meant.  To her a mosquito sounds like a bumble bee especially when they buzz around her ears.

It took a while to calm her down and we found the mosquito in her room and killed it.  Every night now before bed we need to check over her room to make sure there are no more mosquitos - she never lets us forget!!


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