Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sibling Fun

Leah is now 3 months into her new life with a sibling.  She for the most ignores her baby brother.  She rarely looks at him, plays with him or even talks about him.  The only time she talks about Asher is if he is crying to much, if he stinks or if he has spit up.  I'm thinking this is just a stage.  Asher for the most is pretty boring to her, he just takes her time away from mommy & daddy.  Although she doesn't pay much attention to him, yet, I know she loves him and does think of him.  I know the day will come when the two of them will be playing nicely, who am I kidding, they'll be fighting and getting into trouble together!! Here's a picture of my two little ones.  This photo was taken because of bribery - chocolate was the only reason Leah would hold her brother!!


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