Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This Thanksgiving was the first Thanksgiving in three years that we have been able to actually celebrate in Canada.  I admit it was hard getting used to the American Thanksgiving because it was so close to Christmas.  The Thanksgivings I was familiar with were more than often warm days, lots of colour on the trees and on a Monday.  It was so good to celebrate a Canadian Thanksgiving this year and boy did it not disappoint.  It was so warm and so beautiful.  We were able to eat our dinner outside and Roelof even cooked our turkey on the grill.

Now this turkey deserves a paragraph all on its own.  I have never tasted a turkey better than this one.  I had some hesitations at the beginning when Roelof explained to me how he was going to cook it but I'm definitely sending him out in the snow at Christmas to cook the next one!  It was smokey and juicy and tender and oh so good!! Are you mouths watering yet?  If you want the secret recipe you'll have to pry it from Roelof.  Dad couldn't stop saying how amazing the turkey tasted and when dad says something is good - it is!

All in all it was a great weekend and a wonderful time spent with our family.  Here are some pictures.

Cheers!  Here's the family - minus Asher who was sleeping and Adam & Ariana and me the picture taker.

Our menu consisted of asparagus cooked on the grill, sweet potato fries with a special blend of seasonings, scalloped potatoes with cheese and ham, stuffing with cranberries, turkey and homemade applesauce, yum, yum!!

Alex in some sort of turkey ecstasy!

And finally the bird and its master cooker!!


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