Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in our House

I have to admit when it comes to Christmas and gifts we do not keep the gifts wrapped too long.  When Leah asked if she could open a gift we said okay.  And that's how we did it this year.  We would open a gift here and there over about a weeks time.  I don't know why we chose to do it this way - but I kind of liked it.  She wasn't ever overwhelmed with gifts - she just played with them as they came. 

We didn't go overboard with gifts and we didn't see the need to.  We wanted to encourage creative and imaginative play with the gifts we selected for our kids.  We decided to build a marketplace for Leah with inspiration from Pinterest (another post coming on that later).  We also purchased some Melissa & Doug play food and we also scored on this massive cardboard castle that you have to colour, can anyone say hours of entertainment?  Overall she was quite excited with what she got and so were we with our budgets not being completely broke. 

Here are a few pictures of our family infront of our tree at Christmas.  The pictures may be a bit grainy.  I was shooting manual and had to pump up my ISO to its highest rating and so that in turn creates a ton of noise, I was able to reduce a bunch of it in Lightroom but I didn't want to make the pictures overly soft and fuzzy so I kept a bit of the grain.  And if you have no idea what any of this means just ignore it!! Enjoy! Oh and side note - I think Asher had a stinky diaper - the main reason why Leah has her nose pinched.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics...especially when Leah's pinching her nose!

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