Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 15

This game made its way out of our closet on Sunday afternoon.  I know it more as Rumikub. Looking at this game brought back so many memories and one day I hope to teach Leah how to play it.  I remember many times when we were younger gathered around my Oma's kitchen table playing Rumikub with her and my siblings or my cousins.  When we were at Oma's for a sleepover or just a day this game was always played with.  The smiley face guys we were taught were called "Sunnies".  And did we ever fight for those sunnies during the course of the game.  I don't remember many of the conversations around the table that were had when we were playing but I do remember that Oma usually won and when she did she'd always smile and laugh!  So many great memories.


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