Friday, January 20, 2012

January 19

This post is about details.  I love details.  I like to think I'm a detail person.  I'd rather be observant than talkative.  I believe that I can see more and learn more just by observing.  As a mother who is at home, yes I do a lot of instructing and talking with my children but I also do a lot of observing.  I love watching my kids with how they interact, how they play and in how they grow.  There are so many details about them that I wish I could just freeze in time.  This post is one of them.  The little details of my quickly growing baby.  His hair which is getting longer each day; I love how it falls over his little ears.  The length of his eyelashes.  I know those are going to melt hearts one day because they sure make mine melt.  And those piercing eyes- so intense and so expressive.


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