Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 21

We have two pictures in this post.  I had forgotten that I had taken one earlier in the morning and it was too good not to post.  We had smoothies for breakfast this morning - Leah loves smoothies.  And we had homemade pizza for supper.  If you know anything about me you know I love to cook and love to cook from scratch.  I used to have a breadmaker that would make perfect pizza dough but my breadmaker went the way of the dinosaur.  About a year ago I got a Kitchen Aid mixer which I love and don't use nearly enough.  I've tried a few pizza dough recipes in it and I am happy to announce I finally found a recipe that I love.  You can find it here (I'll post the link later the site wasn't loading).  The only thing I did differently is that I used rapid rise yeast as that's what I had on hand and I used all-purpose flour.  This recipe gives you two good size pizzas and next time I'll just make one and freeze the other.  The picture shows the Chicken Ranch pizza which I tried from the same site but the other one which isn't pictured is my personal creation of BBQ chicken.  It's amazingly delicious and if you want I may just share my recipe with you!


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