Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

Another year has passed and we have closed our 2011 calendars and have now broken out our bright and shiny new 2012 calendars.  The best thing about something bright and new is that it is just that, bright and new.  It hasn't been touched yet, nothing has been written in it and the opportunities are endless.  As a stay at home mom and wife, I may choose to fill my calendar with appointments, things to do, things I wish I could be doing and things that just waste time.  But I'm learning more and more to cherish the moments that I do have at home with my children. 

Life now a days is just so busy.  I don't know anyone who isn't busy.  Oftentimes in our busyness the people that often get overlooked are our little ones.  I overheard Leah playing with her stuffed animals the other day and she said something to effect that she couldn't play now to her animals because she was busy cleaning or something like that.  I've heard these words before, I've said these words to her.  As little as she is, she understands the implications of being too busy to be played with. 

I've been struggling through what it means to be a mother the last few months.  The world tells me that the only way I matter is if I take care of myself and put me first, that I need a career and that children are only holding me back.  But I want to be a good mother, I don't want to withhold anything from my children, I want them to grow to be wonderful children who love God and who love others.  Last month at our Mops group, I had learned I had won a book.  Now I think God really wanted me to have this book because the title of the book is The Mission of Motherhood.  I'm only a few chapters in this book so far, but it has hit a lot of the things that I struggle with.  I don't have answers but I am learning to be more content, to put aside cleaning (not all of it) to put aside my wants and needs, and to focus on what has been entrusted by God to me-- my kids.  They won't remember how clean the floors were, or how organized our calendar is or how carefully I folded their clothes.  They will remember, though, the time that I spent with them creating art masterpieces, going on a pretend picnic and playing in the awesome forts we build together.

Here's an excerpt from the book,
  "The purpose of this book is not to tell you  how to live your life.  And it's certainly not to make you feel guilty.  The purpose of this book is simply to hold up God's ideal for the role of motherhood, to remind us of God's design and how we can use our role to stitch together the pieces that will help make our families whole.  We need to know where God wants us to go in order to create a plan to get there.  Each person must find where she is on this path of motherhood so that she may know how to travel forward from this point.  No matter where you are on this road of discovering and living out the mission of motherhood, you can take steps forward.  Even more important, you can trust God to bring you forward.  After all, the message of redemption in the Bible is just as strong as the message of family.  We serve a redeeming God, a God of second chances, a God whose whole history has been that of seeking out his wayward people and bringing them back into his fold." pg 16 The Mission of Motherhood, Sally Clarkson.

As I embark on a fresh, shiny new calendar year I hope to make wise decisions, decisions rooted in God's will.  Will I make mistakes, of course, but I know that our God is a good God a God who loves me, my husband and loves my children.  And he has chosen me to be the mother of this family - what an awesome job it is!


Anonymous said...

Finding a happy balance between taking care of what needs to be done, and spending time with the children God has entrusted to your care is always a challenge. But each day you can start anew, and try to once again find that balance--whatever that balance needs to be that day. When your children are sick, or groceries need to be purchased, or clothes cleaned so your children have clean clothes again (or you?), or your child/ren to have a story read to them...each of them needs to be done according to the priority of the day, for each day is unique unto itself--just ask God for the wisdom to discern the greatest need of each day.

Love, your mom, or aka Gramma Maggie :)

Meagan said...

hi Kristin
Here's another REALLY good book:
"Passionate housewives, Desperate for God"
it's filled with Scripture and addresses all the lies our culture has against motherhood. I loved reading it and am lending my copy to anyone who is willing to read it:)

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