Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 13 {Part One}

Today was the biggest day of Roelof's seminary career.  This is the event that you hear about on your first day of seminary and dread until it gets here.  I'm talking about the Oral Comprehensive exam.  If you are familiar with seminary or are going through the seminary process then you fully understand the intensity and stress that comes along with preparing for this exam.  I didn't actually get a picture of him going into the exam or after because I was nervous and excited for him all at the same time.  After a 45 minute question period and a 10 minute deliberation, I am happy to report that Roelof 'sustained' his Oral Comprehensive Exam; which is another fancy word for passed!  We are SOOOO excited that this chapter in our lives is now closed and we are only a few steps away from graduation and ordination!!


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