Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 3

Every now and then we get cravings for Asian food.  While we were in seminary we had the great privilege of having some great meals with Uncle Allen & Aunt Freda.  We'd usually say something like, Oh hey I'm making rice and they'd say oh well I can make potstickers and before we knew it we'd have feast on our table!  There were so many great times with them and we really miss them.  And so tonight I decided to make Asian food and I found myself thinking of them and wishing they could share the meal with us!  Here pictured are Ginger Pork Potstickers, Chinese Fried Rice and Garlic Butter Mushrooms - everything was so delish!! Oh and I'm a sauce girl so I put sauce on everything! My personal favourite is Asian Ginger Sauce from M&M's it is ah-mazing.


Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Oh my goodness, next time you guys do an asian food night I am coming over!!

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