Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Party Time!

We had Roelof's side of the family down to spend the day with us.  Leah also had a couple of friends over in the morning.  It was a busy but a very good day!

Our sweet girl is 4 years old!

We sent the kids outside for a egg hunt.

Cake time!  Our sister in law S, has a great talent in making cakes.  She graciously offered to make Leah any cake she wanted, the first thing Leah said was a Dinosaur!  The cake turned out awesome, and even survived a 2.5 hour trip here!  Thanks so much S!!

In the afternoon, the weather was so nice we headed to the park.

Beautiful A!

And for the grand finale....Roelof cooked up three racks of ribs on the smoker grill!! They were so yummy!!

A good day was had by all, especially this girl.


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