Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Newfoundland Trip

Okay so a heads up, this post is going to be long and its going to have lots of pictures!  It's hard to believe that I was in Newfoundland only a month ago - its seems so much longer!

I want to thank my awesome hubby for allowing and encouraging me to go to visit my cousin Meghan in Newfoundland for 5 days at the end of April.  It was great to see another part of our beautiful country but it was also great to visit and have some time for myself!

Our first day was pretty low key.  We spent time getting pedicures, shopping the mall and even had time to watch a movie.  We finished the day off with dinner at M's house and then sipping some wine watching Downton Abbey - not too shabby!

The second day we spent exploring downtown.  Here are a few pictures of some churches and the downtown that we saw.

Downtown St. John's.

The Harbour!

They even had their own occupy!

We also spent some time at The Rooms.  Here I learned about the dark and very sad history of Newfoundland and the main reasons it is the way it is today.  It was fascinating to read about it. 

This list below shows all the communities that were forced out of their homes and their lands during the era of resettlement.

The second day Uncle B & Aunt W joined up with us and we toured this time with a car and we were able to see some pretty cool sites.

Signal Hill.

We also went iceburg hunting and found one!! This was a huge and beautiful iceburg - the first one I have ever seen!

The next day we spent driving around.  We went to Cape Spear in the morning - we had tried the day before but it was too foggy - we couldn't see anything!  So glad we went back today - it was beautiful!

We found a waterfall in the middle of a very, very long gravel road!

We visited a town called Argentia. In it is an abandoned US Military base.  Another very sad story for the town Argentia and also for Newfoundland.  Basically a US military base was built - it was huge and a community in itself.  It has housing, hospitals, recreation and work.  It provided jobs for the locals and when it was no longer needed they destroyed the entire base and in the process destroyed the town and people as well.  It was kind of eerie driving through it seeing stairs going up to no where and fire hydrants and parking lots.  Here are a few of my captures.

Even though I was in Newfoundland I still couldn't escape Dunville!  And that's all the pictures - hope you enjoyed them!!


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