Saturday, May 12, 2012

On Being a Mother

A while back I posted this blog post titled A Mommy Confession and in it I got out my frustrations and joys about being a mother.  And I've been thinking a little bit more lately about what it means to be a mother and it being Mother's Day weekend and all I thought I would post it here.  I hope its not too repetitive!

When I was young (well younger than now) and before I had any kids, I would dream about the day that I would have kids.  I had ideas of what my kids would be like and how I would be as a mother.  My kids would be the best behaved, they would always listen to me and they would be good at whatever they did.  I often envied those women who got pregnant right after they get married and how they looked so happy with their newborn babies.  All I saw was women who had babies and how it must be so awesome and so joyful to have a baby to call their own.  Yes it is awesome and it is joyful to have babies, but I now know its so much more.  I really had no idea before being a mother, what being a mother was all about. 

Roelof quoted this poem in his weekly Pastors Piece and it reads,  
      “(Mutter) werden ist nitch schwer; (Mutter) sein dagegen sehr.” (To become a (mother) is not 
       so difficult; on the other hand, be-ing a (mother) is very much so!)

Being a mother is so much more than changing diapers, feeding and wiping noses.  It's a role that I will have for the rest of my life.  I have the great opportunity of staying home with my kids and I recognize that not all women get this opportunity.  Some women choose work  rather than staying home because the sense of importance a job may bring, other women are left with no choice but to work to provide for their families.  And so I recognize that it is a blessing that I am able to stay home. Someone once said to me, "So you just stay at home?"  No I don't just stay at home - its so much more- I get to pour love and time into my kids.  I get to be there for every snotty nose, every accomplishment, milestone, scrape and kiss.  And I'm learning not to take these things for granted.

When I became a mother I knew that I would never be the same person.  I knew that I could no longer be selfish and I could no longer put my needs ahead of everyone else's.  Having kids, I now know how much they need and take.  As babies they needed me to provide daily necessities for them to live.  Kids take so much time and effort.  Now I don't want to sound discouraging as to how needy and how draining having kids are-- but it is the reality.  And as much as they need and take, they give and provide more love, more experiences and more moments than all the other needs and takes.  

To my kids there can be no better mom.  They love me just because I am their mom - not because I can cook good meals, not because we have a roof over their heads, not because I ensure they are healthy and taken care of.  They love me because I am their mom.  I love the way their eyes light up when they see me for the first time in the morning.  I love the amazingly creative stories that Leah can craft with her imagination.  I love the strong hugs and sweet cuddles that Asher gives.  I love to hear their heavenly giggles.  I love how Leah talks about Jesus loving her.  I love the strong will that Asher shows in his little life.  I love how different and how unique each of my kids are even though they come from the same two parents.  I love that I have been so blessed to have them as my children.  And that is the greatest blessing of all - having them in my life as my kids.  Thank you Leah and Asher for being in my life so I can be your mom.  I love you each with all of my heart.


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Love this post, Kristin. Happy Mother's day!

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