Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boy

It's been a long while since I've done an up date about my kids.  Especially one which documents the stages in life they are in now.  I had planned to do one at their birthday's but our life has been in the fast lane as I'm sure most of yours are too!!

And so this little post will focus on our little or not so little, Asher Ezekiel.  Asher is just over 15 months now and still is choosing to crawl rather than walk.  He can take about 3 or 4 steps but he is just so stiff and so unbalanced that down he goes.  He knows how to get up to standing from crawling but still can't master outright walking.  He is very proud though when he does take those few steps.  He smiles big and his eyes sparkle and he wants everyone to watch what he is doing!  I know that it may be only a matter of weeks until he chooses to walk but for now I'm still enjoying his crawling stage.  And boy can he crawl.  He is quick - so quick!! 

But despite not walking I must say that this boy is a fabulous climber.  He climbs up the slide, he climbs up stairs, he climbs up ladders and he climbs on tables.  Please tell me this is a boy thing and not an Asher thing!!

If you remember reading posts about Asher when he was younger or knew Asher when he was younger, you then know that he was a colicky and tough kid.  For the most he has evened out.  He no longer constantly cries.  He normally no longer cries himself to sleep but find comfort in our soothing touches and voices.  He in the last week or so has gone down to one nap a day, in the afternoon and usually for only an hour and half, maybe two hours.  He's not the heavy sleeper like his sister was!  He for the most sleeps through the night but there are times when he still wakes up!!  Asher still has bottles rather than cups - just because its easier for us and he usually takes his bottles in bed before naps and bedtime. 

Asher loves his sister.  He always wants to be doing what she is doing.  He follows her around like a true little brother.  He watches her, he learns from her and he mimics her.  He is loud, but we all knew that already. 

Asher has personal space issues.  He doesn't like loud noises.  He is super obsessive.  He is mightily determined.  He is incredibly cuddly.  He gives the best hugs and the wettest kisses.  He is my sweet super white blonde hair, bright blue eyed baby boy.  I love him to bits and although my arms get tired lugging him around I will always be thankful for my son and that he fills my arms.  I will treasure his good moments and I will learn from our tough moments.  He is my joy, he is my love and he is my boy.  I love you my sweet Asher!


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