Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Art of Art

Back in the day, waaayy back to high school (which is oh so long ago) I used to love art.  I loved creating art, I loved looking at art and I loved seeing art in the world around me.  It was my favourite class and to be honest I miss that time when I could be creative.  Someday maybe I'll post some images of my art. My teacher also encouraged me to continue in art she told me to make sure I practice it and develop it as she believed I had a gift for it. 

Ten years later I feel like I have not kept up with at all.  I have not picked up a pencil to draw in years.  And I'm struggling to feel creative in the day to day grind of being a mom, a wife and keeping up with the daily demands of those roles. 

But I find I do have a bit of an outlet.  Photography.  I know I'm learning the technical stuff but I really want to seek to be creative, to be artistic and to see beauty.  I'm learning that a camera is just as much a tool as a pencil or paper.  I am the one controlling the output.  My eyes capture those photos.  Rather than just capturing a snapshot, I want to re-train my eyes to be creative.  I want to retrain myself to take time for my art.  I want to again be encouraged to develop my art. 

So this is a plea for you to push me, to encourage me, to critique me in a way that will help me grow.  Keep me accountable, pray for me and continue to be with me in this journey.


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