Monday, September 10, 2012

Letter to My Girl

I have been inspired by a number of very talented photographer mommies out there who are participating in a writing challenge called Letters to our Sons.  I love to journal, when I have time, and felt that lately I have been lacking in this.  And so I wanted to try my spin on this and on the occasion of Leah starting school I am dedicating this post to her.

Letter to My Girl,

My dear Leah Shiloh, you are now four and half years old.  I can still remember back when you were oh so small.  When you wanted something you would put out your small little hand and say, "pleash, pleash".  You took your time learning to talk but you never had a problem communicating what you needed.  You now can talk a mile a minute.  Your mind moves so quickly, you have such a wild and vivid imagination.  You have the gift of telling stories.  You have the gift of reading situations.  You have the gift of sensing one's emotions.  You amaze me every day.  

For four and half years I have had the privilege to watch you grow.  I have been blessed with watching your first steps, hearing your sweet giggles, feeling your small hands in mine and smelling your sweet fragrance.  You have been a joy but you have also been a challenge.  You have a strong will and a stubborn nature.  I count this as a blessing but also a challenge, because I see so much of myself in you!  

On you starting school, I am both excited and sad.  I am excited to see you grow even more.  I am excited to see you learn and to make new friends.  But I am sad that those four and half years went by so quickly.  I so wish we could freeze time.  I am sad that I will be missing some of your new firsts.  

But I am more excited than I am sad.  You truly are a gift from God and I am excited that He has a plan for you -that He is molding you into such a beautiful girl. I am excited that He has put such wonderful people in your life that are guiding you, teaching you and loving you.  I am excited to see you grow, but please don't grow too fast! 

And I'll finish with our favourite saying to eachother...


"What Mommy?"

"I Love You"


"Yes, Leah?"

"I Love You"

My Leah Shiloh, I love you so much, so much more than you'll ever know!


Aimee Lashley said...

What a beautiful post and such gorgeous images of this sweet girl!!!

Marissa said...

What a sweet post for your daughter. She's darling and blessed to have a mommy like you. :)

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