Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I've been fielding a lot of questions lately about my photography. And I thought I'd address a few in a blog post :-)

Are you going to open a photography business?

Right now, No.  Down the road, maybe.  I am in the skill building stage of my photography journey.  I feel like I really want to grow in my skills and I believe growing happens when you practice, when you study and when you are allowed to be yourself.  When I do open a business I will let you know believe me :-)

Will you be photographing other people?

I am always looking for willing subjects to photograph.  My "subjects" can get very tired of me having the camera in their face!  I will not promise you the same experience as a professional photographer, but I can promise you that I will learn from it! 

Are you taking courses or going to school for photography?

I am part of a wonderful online community called Clickin' MomsThrough them I have taken a couple of courses teaching the basics of photography and lighting.  But the rest has been through reading, observing and of course practicing - a lot!

What type of camera do you have?

I currently have a Nikon D90 and have a 50 mm 1.4 D lens.  I shoot on manual mode.  I truly believe that anyone can own a set of paints but it takes a true artist to make the paints come alive on canvas.  The same goes with cameras.  It isn't the camera who takes great pictures it is the body behind the lens that does.  I am by no means a professional but I am striving to think creative and to get the technical stuff down.  I just happen to have a great tool to do this with!

What is your style?

This I am still learning and I believe it’s something that will keep growing and evolving.  I like pure and organic moments.  I love the in between shots of when it is as if the camera is not around.  I love every day moments.  I love just capturing life.  This is what I hope to portray in my photography.  

I hope this helps you to get to know me a bit better and if you have any more questions just send them my way!!


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