Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lately....the good life at home

I really feel lately that life has been on a fast forward pace.  So much is happening and so much is changing.  The kids are getting more and more independent and they are learning and growing so much.  I'm learning that having two kids is a double blessing but also a double challenge.  My two are obviously the joy of my life but they are also the triers of my patience.  Some days these two can play so nicely and are great friends but other days they fight so much.  They each know what bugs each other and you can constantly see their bugging back and forth.  I often comment to my husband that I feel like a referee!  But one thing I cannot get enough of is their laughter together.  They have the most infectious, smile bringing laughter and you cannot help but laugh along with them!

Another stage I'm really enjoying and wish I could slow a little, is the chatter that these two bring to our lives.  Asher is at the stage where he is really learning to communicate.  For the most he uses the same five words over and over but he's also knows how to nod his head 'yes' when he wants something or 'no' when he doesn't.  His first word at the beginning of the day is 'dada' and the last word before he goes to sleep I'm sure is 'dada'.  This boy loves his dada and equally his mama and his 'eah',  but he holds a special spot in his little heart for his dada.  Things he loves right now at just over 18 months are tractors, trucks, cars, doggies, kitties and wrestling.  He is a boy through and through.  Another recent development, if you know Asher you know he has had absolutely no interest in watching t.v. which isn't a bad thing, however, he was recently introduced to Baby Einstein - Farm Animals and he literally cannot get enough of this movie.  Its comical to watch him watch this movie, he gets so animated and so vocal - you can't help but smile at him!  He is really growing up into a little boy and I'm afraid to say there isn't much baby left in him.  I am excited to see him grow, but again I wish time could slow down...just for a little bit!

Leah has transitioned in to school life fairly well.  We hit a bit of a rough patch a few weeks back but I think she's doing well.  She for all of her life has been at home with me and and naturally any transition out of home life with mommmy and daddy will be hard.  It just took her a few weeks to realize that school is a lot different than being at home!  But she is doing well and she loves school, she loves learning and I know she will continue to thrive there.  A stage I'm really loving right now is the thought process of a four and a half year old.  You can really see in her that she is thinking processes through.  At dinner time, when it isn't completely chaotic, we have been reading through the Psalms.  After our readings we always ask Leah if she has any questions.  In the last couple of weeks she has been really coming up with great ones!  The other day she asked us, "Why is God good?" and "Who are our enemies?"  and a bunch of other equally good ones!  This is the time where as a parents we really need to develop these answers in a way that a four year old can understand and it challenges us too!

And so I'm really loving these days - they are rewarding and they are rich.  It makes me even more thankful that I can spend time with my kids at home.  That I can be there for their questions, be there for their milestones.  And some days its good to remind myself about the small good things because as a stay at home mom I can easily be trapped into the I-wish-I-could-be-working-mentality, because that's what society tells us is rich and rewarding.  These days to me are what is important-- they are my joy.


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