Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A New Christmas

This was the first year that I can truly say that I had mixed feelings about Christmas time.  First of all, I was in no way ready for Christmas.  I was talking with a friend yesterday and her I relented that we both felt that it should still be September and in no way realized that it was actually December and hey even Christmas!  In my mind I think I have been in denial at how fast time has been passing lately.  And in my heart, I don't think I let it be still enough to feel the full greatness of Christmas.  And so I sit here the day after wondering if I really, truly appreciated the fullness of Christmas this year. 

Maybe because this year is the first year where I truly felt the effects of what it means to be a "pastor's family".  Because of where Christmas fell this year we were home bound.  Which for the first time in my life was a first for me.  I have family, lots and lots of crazy, wonderful people in my family.  And one of my most favourite traditions is coming together during the holidays for a time of company, good food, shared memories and just a feeling of gezellig (its Dutch!).  I don't think one can truly appreciate the richness of such a tradition until you are in a position to create new traditions.  This year it was just us (but we had a surprise visit from my parents & brother).  Which was wonderful and great, but I think I spent time mourning "what it used to be".  But I know that we are in a unique position in that we can create new traditions and new memories. 

I know I am blessed, so richly and immensely blessed.  I am loved by a great God, I am healthy, I have a husband who is everything I am not, I have two wonderful, full of energy kids who keep me on my toes and warm in my heart, I have a home, I have a pillow to rest my head on and I have an abundance of food.  And that's where I think I need to come to, knowing that I am blessed, wherever I am.  Whether I am in the company of forty people, in the company of three or in the presence of one God.  This is where I rest, knowing that I am blessed. 

I want to share with you some photos I took a couple of weeks back.  I hope you enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having us Kristin...we were glad to be with you, however briefly....and yet I'm happy to see that you are looking at this time as an opportunity to create new traditions for your family, with just your family....God is good, enjoy the times & places you are in...something each of us has to do. Enjoy the moment. Love, Mom H

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