Friday, December 14, 2012

{Everyday Moments} Quick Glimpses

A lot can go on in a day at our house.  I used to think (before I was a mom) that being a stay at home mom was a pretty cushy job - that you had all day to make your house clean, cook delicious food and just have a generally great attitude on life.  Then I had kids.  Kids turn your life completely on its back.  In a good and challenging way.  So my days are never what I would have thought.  Every day is different and every day presents new challenges and new joys.  Here's a small glimpse of one of our days this week.

And I'm linking up to Leslie so please click on this link here to check out what her everyday moments bring!


Misty said...

Those are all just wonderful! I love your conversions!!!!

Ashley said...

I love these so much! You did such a great job capturing simple moments and making them beautiful. I love all of them especially the framing in the first two with you shooting through the doorway. Beautiful Job!!

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