Thursday, June 13, 2013

{20 Minutes for Me} Alliston, ON Photographer

I came across a thread on ClickinMoms called the 20 minute movement.  It was a challenge to us busy women to take 20 minutes in any day and edit just for ourselves.  One of the joys and also curses of digital is that we take hundres of thousands of pictures and oftentimes we are guilty of leaving them on our hard drives.  I know I'm guilty of this - as time passes I forget that there are pictures I have taken that I have never gotten around to editing. 

This morning I took my 20 minutes, and really 20 minutes isn't that hard to spare.  While the kids were doing their morning thing (i.e. watching TV) I sat and edited for 20 minutes.  These pictures were taken the first full week of springlike weather.  In a matter of one week our trees went from completely bare to fully blooming.  It was beautiful! 


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