Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{Canada Day Celebrations--Fireworks!!!} Alliston, ON Photographer

This was the first time in three years that I was able to view the Canada Day Fireworks.  After a wonderful, event filled day for out family, we headed out to check out the local fireworks.  Our daughter loved them, but she always has loved them.  Back when she was two Roelof took her to her first display of fireworks.  We were still living in Grand Rapids and they were able to watch an incredible 4th of July show and she loved them!  Our boy, well he's a different story :)  He doesn't even like the noise of lawnmowers so we knew he probably wouldn't like them.  Sure enough, the first boom had him screaming.  But he survived and now when we ask him if he liked them he says "Un Huh".

This was my first time attempting to photograph fireworks.  I armed myself with my camera, tripod, remote and a great ClickinMoms blog post found here! 

I had a blast and I'm super excited with how these turned out!


Evelyn Hoekstra said...

these are great!

Arlene Geerlinks said...

These are awesome Kristin! Once again, we missed the fireworks because my kids can never stay up late enough. Thanks for sharing these photos, it's like I was there!

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