About Me

My name is Kristin Peereboom and I am a follower of God, a pastor's wife, a mother of two and a photographer.  My journey into photography came through a desire to better capture and preserve our family memories.  It first started with the traditional scrapbooking which then grew into a love for digital scrapbooking which then grew into my love for photography.  I purchased my first dSLR in June of 2009 when my daughter was just over one year old.  It was a Nikon D60 complete with two kit lenses.  I have recently upgraded (not full-frame) but it has been a learning curve!

Over three years have passed since purchasing my dSLR and every day I feel like I'm learning more and more.  I'm learning more about myself, I'm learning to see the art in every day things and I'm learning what my style is.  And so I've launched this photography blog to better display my images and to better capture my story.  I'm excited to see where my journey will take me, I feel like there is so much to learn and I am committing myself to grow in my hobby, my passion and my art.


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